Cast Iron Care

by Daisy

This is me seasoning my brand spanking new bacon press. But before this glorious moment occurred, my hubby ran it through the dishwasher. Have you ever seen that? RUST!!!

The way to remove rust from cast iron is the combination of oil and salt. (Yet another use for that leftover warm kitchen grease, ladies.)

Ewww, that’s some nice rust.

But, with the addition of oil, salt, and a little elbow grease….

Here’s a before/after shot of the piggy on top:

Rusty piggy nose, shiny piggy hiney

Rinse with hot water. Wipe with a towel.

Incidentally, you can always clean your cast iron this way. Lots of folks go for the scrape and wipe, but prefer a greasy salt scour with a screaming hot rinse. After I started cleaning our cast iron this way my husband asked me what I was doing different because it looked so black and shiny.


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