Crocheted Corner Bookmark

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Another corner bookmark! But, it’s different if it’s thread and not seed packets, right? RIGHT?

I find that they take an extra second to adjust, but once installed, will hold no matter how hard you shake it.

Crocheted Corner Bookmark

No. 10 mercerized cotton thread, No. 10 steel needle

R1-Put two dc in fourth ch from hook
R2-Ch3, turn, dc in same space, 2dc in each space across All dc here out are worked in the spaces between stitches.
R3-Ch3, turn, dc in same space, (dc, 2dc) two times
R4-Ch3, turn, dc in same space, (dc in next two spaces, 2dc)two times
R5-Ch3, turn, dc in same space, (dc in next three spaces, 2dc)two times
R6-Ch3, turn, dc in same space, (dc in next four spaces, 2dc)two times
R7-Ch3, turn, dc in same space, (dc in next five spaces, 2dc)two times
R8-Ch3, turn, dc in same space, (dc in next six spaces, 2dc)two times
R9-Ch3, turn, dc in same space, (dc in next seven spaces, 2dc)two times
R10 to R14-Ch3, turn, dc in same space, dc across, 2dc
Fasten off.

Put wrong sides together (if you can tell what that is–I can’t) slip stitch sides together, leaving bottom open. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Cut 18 six-inch pieces of thread. Divide into three groups. Fold in half and pull loop ends (two threads at a time) through each of the teeny-weeny corners, using needle. Keep big bottle of Jack handy to keep you from banging your head against the wall while doing this. Feel tail ends through the loop and tug. Swear profoundly.

Even tassels with scissors and ask yourself why crazy Ivory made you do all that. She is SO not decorative, there must be a functional reason for it. Trust me.

Stretch your creation to a ninety degree angle (read ‘corner-shaped’). Apply to corner of several pages. Close book. Tug on two side tassles to snug it in. Now, it shall stay forever. Without them, there’s no way to snug it enough.

The top tassel is useless. I’m a sucker for symmetry. So I guess you can only trust me 2/3 of the time.


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1 Anagha January 16, 2010

Hi, It is beautiful looking bookmark.
I am having trouble understanding the pattern.
1) R2-Ch3, turn, dc in same space, in which same space?
2) R3-Ch3, turn, dc in same space, (dc, 2dc) two times; two times: does that mean in next two stitches?
Thank you.

2 Ivory Soap January 17, 2010

When you ‘dc in the fourth chain’…the three previous chain stitches count as your first dc. The ‘dc in the fourth chain’ is then your second dc. Go between them..or just before the dc you just made. And to the second question, yes. The next two spaces.

3 Liplash May 21, 2010

R3-Ch-3,turn,dc in same space, (dc in next two spaces, 2dc)two times….after doing the dc in next two spaces – where do you do the 2dc? will it be in the third space?…so three spaces altogether are used two times? Just love your idea of a CORNER BOOK-MARK~!!
Thanks for ‘sharing’ ~!

4 Liplash May 21, 2010

Fantastic idea for a Book-mark!…what does (dc in next two spaces, 2dc) two times mean? after doing the dc in the next two spaces – where do you do the 2dc?
Thanks for ‘sharing’!

5 laura May 9, 2011

I love this bookmarker it was easy to make and i didn’t even need the bottle of JACK!!!!
Very nice. thank you for sharing this

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