Ivory’s Seed Stitch Tute

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There has been a bit of confusion about my pattern for the seed stitch trivets, so here’s a pictorial tute of the stitches.

1. Ch 25

2. Single crochet in second chain from the hook. (Where the silvery one is poking)

3. Note that there are two single crochets and then ch1 sc, ch1, sc. (My fingers a poking through the ch1 spaces.)

4. At the end of the first row, notice that you end with a ch1 space (finger) and then a single crochet in the last stitch.

5. This is the hardest part. Ch1 turn and put the first stitch in the same spot, before the ch1 hole. Your SECOND stitch goes in the ch1 space (silvery hook marking it for you)

6. As you head across doing your ch1 sc ch1 sc and reach the end, it should look like this:

7. Then you’ll ch1 turn and do that tricky step five again. You should have 24 stitches every time, counting the chains.

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1 Anne Torr June 8, 2009

Hi there,
My mother in law who lives in a home for the aged is always looking for new books on “CROCHET STITCHES AND PATTERNS FOR THEIR BAZAAR TABLE” .
It would be fantastic if you can help!.
Many thanks
Anne Torr

2 Anne Torr June 8, 2009

My Mother in Law who lives in a home for the aged is always looking for new crochet patterns for their Bazaar Table, and, have wone many, many prizes for their goods.
Can You help?

Many thanks.
Anne Torr

3 ivorysoap76 June 9, 2009

You want me to write more patterns? Check our Free Stuff link and there’s lots of patterns she could use.

4 ivorysoap76 June 9, 2009

You want me to recommend some books? I’m for helping. I’m just a little lost…

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