Climbing versus Clinging

by Daisy

This is a literal flop. That’s about 150 pounds of rose on the ground, I’m guessing. Erect, it reaches 20 feet. It’s not suspended off the ground in that arch you see. There’s just that much plant piled underneath it. It broken two well secured wires IN HALF. And…..

Warped an iron trellis. Can you see it? WOW.

So here’s what we’ve learned. CLIMBING is not CLINGING. When you go to cover a wall, go for CLINGING, as in something that grabs a hold of your wall and won’t let go. As in ivy, Virginia creeper, pothos.

I have a climbing rose. A mamma-jamma happy prolific climbing rose, that no “rose support” could dream of containing. I guess I’ll have to cut it back (to the ground?) and start over with MORE concrete nails and MORE wires. Like a hundred.

And it was just starting to bloom….. 🙁


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LaRee November 27, 2010 at 10:36 pm

So what did you do? I notice you posted this a long time ago. Seems like trimming at least part of it off might help, you could make cuttings of it and have a little give away or sale. a friend of mine recently divvied up her house plants and shared with me, its been such fun, I think of her every time I water them.

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