Cinder Block Compost Bins

by Daisy

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What can you do with:

  • a gillion cinderblocks
  • an ever-growing piles of organic trash
  • an ugly hidden part of the yard begging for a purpose

Something so ugly and at the same time so beautiful….

Here are the pdf instructions for constructing this bad boy, minus the ‘doors’. I don’t like my compost spilling out, so I put the five in front to keep it corralled. When I’m ready to ‘turn’ it (read: shovel it to the other bin), I just kick down the “doors.”

But what if you don’t have a gillion cinder blocks and are just starting out on your compost adventure? Make a basic wire bin, try your hand at sheet composting, or just chuck DIY out the window and go buy one of these.

The point is, however, that no matter what your choice of bin, or lack thereof, it’s still just a big pile of trash so don’t stress!


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Michael September 13, 2009 at 7:38 pm

I just built a cinder block compost bin in less than a half hour and for under $50
(top excluded). I had a recycled plastic one that fell apart due to the compression
on the sides. It sold originally for over $100.

My new one is four feet by two feet on the inside and I used boards for the front that can be removed to access the finished product. I plan on making a top that flips up out of corregated panels. That should be less than $20.

Don’t bother with the commercial “recycled plastic” ones. Go to the hardware store and get the materials to make your own. Contact me if you need more information or inspiration.

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