Weed Killing!


We played this game last week.  Are you ready?  What do you think this is?

Are you sure?

You know I don’t play fair, so I’ll just tell you…


It’s an herbicide drift eliminator!  Ever try to kill something lame and accidentally injure your awesome stuff?  If you’ve ever had a dog that wasn’t supposed to scratch his face, you have the perfect solution to your problem!

Oh, and here’s the recipe for my weed killer…

Ivory’s Non-Selective Herbicide

2c vinegar
1 T liquid soap
1 T salt
Dog cone

Mix first three ingredients in spray bottle. Will kill anything it touches. Place doggie cone over weeds. Spray, don’t pour or nothing will grow there for a while.


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  1. Very clever!

    I pinned this to The Home Depot’s Eco-Friendly Home board on Pinterest.


    -Craig, from The Home Depot

  2. Ahhh…the Cone of Shame! Yep, my dog has one! Can’t wait to give this a try.

  3. No dog cone? Try a thrift store lamp shade or fashion an old place mat with staples or duct tape?

  4. I am having trouble keeping grass out of my vegetable garden, i am wondering if this works on grass and if it will affect my vegetables in the surroung area.

  5. I love this! I will surely be testing this weed killer idea out this week. I have some issues with weeds around sidewalk edges and the driveway. Although, I don’t need the “cone of shame” for that. Thanks for the article! I can’t wait to read the next one!

  6. does T stand for Teaspoon…Tablespoon???? some things don’t translate to other countries :)

  7. will this work on blackberry plants or scotch broom? they grow like weeds here and with animals, I hate using pesticides

  8. I’m going to cut the bottom off a gallon milk jug and try this. Sometimes the perfect answer is right in front of you! Thanks for the great idea!

  9. I like the milk jug idea, would this work in a garden that has tomatoes still growing? Ellen from Georgia

  10. What if you have an entire pasture with noxious weeds on top, and healthy grasses below? Any ideas?

    We literally have tens of thousands of a specific type of weed that is poisonous to our animals. We have hand pulled thousands, and can’t get a handle on it at all. Still, want to keep the area as organic as possible….

    Also, we discovered last year, that store bought vinegar will not work for serious weed problems in our area…required a much more concentrated vinegar–21%–and actually that didn’t work on the weeds we were hoping to eliminate. I’m wondering if the dishsoap increases the effectiveness…will give this recipe a try today on some spot areas without much at risk near it….

  11. Mary – contact your local agricultural office for suggestions. Consider boarding out your animals for a year to tackle the problem. Mow before it seeds, high enough to allow for good plants to seed and grow. Try a blowtorch on the weeds. Consider spraying for one year with something low toxicity as possible, so that you can move forward organically and without the risk of losing your animals.

  12. Going to try weed killer! Love using vinegar baking soda, peroxide (peroxide is amazing!) Kids ever have “boo-boo?” little one cut finger, little blood on shirt?
    No rub, just pour that stuff on blood stain disappears!
    Hope everyone has poured ” Ani-Bacterial hand soap” down the drain? HEY,
    It’s harmful to humans, can cause all kinds of problems, hormone damage, &
    Much more I’m sure. Since it contains a PESTICIDE, the FDA wants all of
    Them out of stores by end of this year. Triclosin? If I remember correctly.
    Don’t buy ANI-BACTERIAL hand soap. It’s killing more than germs. It’s just the hand soap. Can you believe how long we have exposed our little ones to this?
    Pass the word around, it’s horrible to continue to sell the stuff till 2015.
    Maybe we should try the stuff on our weeds.