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It’s been a while since we posted a new pattern.  TL is convinced that the hot weather just sucks the afghan-will right out of us.  But, my gears are revving up as the temperature drops, so here’s my first little project of the season.

Sacred Heart Chaplet

*This pattern is similar to my rosary pattern, but it had a different number of beads, easier cross, and different bead sizes.

I use either a D or E hook to make these depending on my mood and the yarn. I use worsted weight cotton.  Something fancy like Pima cotton is the easiest to work with.

To work the beads:

BIG BEAD–Make a puff stitch, but collect 9 loops on the hook instead of 7.

LIL BEAD– Make a puff stitch, but collect 5 loops on the hook instead of 7.

(BEAD tutorial if you need it.)


-Sc three times sc in 2nd ch from hook, (top of cross)

-Sc in next ch.

-Sc, ch 5, sc in next ch (one arm of the cross)

-Sc in next three chs

-5sc in last ch (bottom of cross)

-Without turning, sc in next three ch (creeping back up the cross on the far side now..)

-sc, ch5, sc  in same ch as before

- sc in next ch

-2sc in top and join with a sl stitch.

First set of beads:

-Work LIL BEAD, ch 2, LIL BEAD, ch 2, LIL BEAD

- Work one BIG BEAD

-Ch 4


-Ch1, turn, 2sc in sc

-Ch1, turn, 2sc in next 2 sc

-Ch1, turn, 2sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc, 2sc in next sc.


-[(LIL BEAD, ch2) 5  times, ch 4, BIG BEAD.] 4 times

-(LIL BEAD, ch2) 5 times

-Ch3, join to beginning triangle with a slip stitch.

-Weave in ends.

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