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It’s that time again, folks!  When do I plant my beans?  When do I set out the tomatoes?  How come my spinach didn’t grow in July?

I’m starting to hear those perennial questions and our FREE Spring Planner will work out all of the details for you.  It tells you when to plant each type of crop and whether to set out transplants or to start from seed depending on where you are in the season.  TL and I live and die by it!

All you need is your local area frost date and instructions on how to put the thing together.

(And yes, for all you smart people from last year…it’s the SAME planner with the “2009″ photoshopped out of the cover.  Look at this picture and compare it to the linked post.  I didn’t even take a new picture!  HA!  Why did we put the date on it in the first place?  Can’t remember.)



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1 Kat March 7, 2010

I’m finding that the link isn’t working?
Also, you put the date on so that we could refer back to the wonderfully detailed notes we kept throughout the season. And we can do this year after year…
And, by we, I meant other people, not me.

2 Debbie March 8, 2010

I downloaded 2009 and added my frost free dates. I also bought a memory box from the $ store. I divided it in two sections down the middle made index cards with date tabs, cut and pasted the the dates and info on them and filed the corresponding seeds behind each one. Now each week I just check the dated and sow accordingly, that week goes to the back of the one side and if I am planting any of the same seed in the following week I just file them behind that index card. I absolutely love this system and thank you so much for making this little booklet. Oh yeah for the winter sowing dates I glued that to the back of the index card and will move the seeds there as needed. This is my first year sowing seeds and I really didn’t know what to so when so I really appreciate all your work.

3 Myrnie March 8, 2010

I feel VERY strongly about all these fabulous printables you ladies do :) Loved it, already printed it (2 weeks ago, yes with 2009 splashed on it :), linked multiple times, and it’s filled out and on my counter. And so is the herb planner. And the Fall planner. I love your printables :) Thank you!!

4 Handful March 9, 2010

Just printed it – thanks! :) I had done this research already but it will be nice to have this beautiful book.

Debbie – great idea with the box! Will you come and organize me?

5 honeyvarita March 10, 2010

Dear Friends:
I am asking for a pray, thinking about all of the people who lost everything, even their lives, in my country, Chile.
I am fine, none of my relatives or friends seriously harmed, but some of them, affected by the earthquake and the tsunami.
Ruth in Chile

6 Alisha March 10, 2010

over the years i have let more and more plants go to seed and then let them fall where they are (sounds all “planned out”, but really it’s because i get tired). the great thing is, i have discovered that cilantro, sunflowers, and spinach will all come up first thing in the spring (and by that, i mean that my self seeded spinach already has little round leaves!). they are apparently smart enough to know when to sprout and are cold hardy enough to live through snow (even in may). I often get teased for planting my peas, carrots, beets, lettuce and spinach weeks before anyone around here (northern utah) even thinks it’s possible. but i love harvesting my spinach in march and my peas in may! and so yes, i plant my spring crops the last week of february and it works :)

7 Mona @ Healthy Homesteading December 14, 2010

Thanks so much for the planner. I am definitely going to use this.

8 vicki February 28, 2011

The directions for putting this together can be found on the 2009 planner.

This is my 3rd year using this planner. LOVE IT!! Thanks so much for sharing!

9 Marrianna March 24, 2011

Thanks for sharing! Very useful. Every year, every where! It’s not only spring, but also fall season as well!

10 Nancy January 3, 2012

I love your Spring Garden Planner, I’m going to post a link on my blog tomorrow as I’ll be talking about starting your own seeds! Hopefully you’ll get some traffic to your site.

11 Rudy Fiebiger December 1, 2012

The link to the planner is not working????

12 Lisa December 27, 2012

I just downloaded it fine!
Thanks! I was just starting to plan out my seed starting. I tried last year, unsuccessfully.

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