September 2010

Chicken Vegetable Soup

Main Dishes

I once served this soup to a man recently in the US from his native Peru. He said it was the first dish he had tasted in America that he actually liked. I was both flattered . . . and embarrassed for my great nation. Here’s the recipe: Chicken Vegetable Soup 1 T. olive oil […]

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Earth aside, here’s how to ‘green up’ family

Green Up

When you go green, there are two angles to work: the impact your family has on the environment and the impact the environment has on your family. Oddly, the behaviors that make the biggest impact on one side make very little impact on the other. It doesn’t do much for your family’s health to use […]

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Feeding the Bees


When checking inside my horizontal top bar hive the other day I found this, an empty comb.  Not sure what was going on, I showed the comb to my neighbor, an experienced beekeeper.  In his opinion, this showed that the bees seemed to be chowing down on their own honey, and that they probably could […]

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Berry Ink


NOTE:  The following post incorrectly identified this as greenbriar, while it was later revealed by an alert reader to be passiflora lutea, or yellow passionflower.  It can still be used to make ink. “Their hands and mouths covered in blue.  Do you have any idea what it could be?”  My husband’s voice was a mixture […]

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Home-Fried Tostada Shells (or Tortilla Chips)


This is one of those head-slap recipes where we all wonder why we haven’t been doing this all along.   Don’t blink, the recipe is going to be over in two seconds. 1.  Heat an inch of oil in a skillet over med to med-hi heat. 2.  Open bag of corn tortillas and save the shreds. […]

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