Pinterest: Garden Projects That Will Never Happen

I don’t know if it’s the barren backyard or just the fact that I know I don’t have the commitment to maintain anything that lives for more than a few months, but I’m drooling over these (Click pics for original articles):




Well, I clearly have a vertical theme going on.  But, I also found myself mooning over succulents.  Go figure.

awww….how cute.

Awwww…That’s so very cute!


Wow.  That was close.

I almost turned my eyes inside out from so-cute squinting.

Thank you.

I have to stop thinking about hot weather and lush gardens.

I need to enjoy winter, right?

poop, i miss summer.


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  1. I miss summer too… :( and spring and fall. There’s no question that dark, cold winter is my least favorite season.

  2. Wow! Love those! Maybe one day I’ll have time for more than a veggie garden… haha.
    I too miss summer, and am looking forward to spring with all my heart :)

  3. I miss summer too! The seed catalogs are starting to come in now and I’m just dying to get something growing soon. Last year I was so anxious I ended up starting my tomatoes inside in February! They were enormous by the time it was warm enough to transplant them in June.

  4. I’ve been obsessed with those too! Both vertical gardens and anything with succulents. I can tell you that I love the little succulent pots I have started already. Talk about zero work . And they’re still green even during three straight months of triple digits.

  5. These are awesome. Looking at pictures is about as good as it gets for me, too. What’s wrong with me, anyhow? I guess I should just adopt the au natural look and use indigenous plants for both hard and soft scape. Oh, well.