Make a Felted Wool Rose

by Daisy

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These are so easy I wanted to share them with you.  You get such a lot of cuteness for very little effort you have to try making them. Here I show it as a hairclip, but they are great as brooches with a little bar pin, or sewn on to sweaters (maybe over a moth hole) or onto purses, phone or tablet covers, etc.

I started with a fulled (felted) 100% wool sweater.  If you are new to fulling, here’s a good description of how to do it.

Cut out a circle from the felt.  An easy template for an approximately 2 1/2 in. diameter rose is a wide-mouth jar lid ring.  For smaller roses, just cut smaller circles.

Here’s your circle:

Next, start cutting like this (sharp scissors are helpful here).  You are going to be making a spiral cut all around your circle.

Keep spiraling around until all you have left is a little circle-shaped bit in the middle.  Stop cutting.

Beginning at the narrow tip end, start to roll the felt, medium tight.

Continue rolling until you’ve reached the circle at the end.

Take a straight pin and pin it through all the coiled layers to hold them in place.  Thread a needle with thread that blends into your felt color, knot the thread, and make several stitches through the layers to hold the coil together.

Now, fold the little circle over the back of the rose and stitch it down.  NOTE:  If you are adding a bar pin back, you can slip the bar part under the circle flap and sew it down OVER the bar to secure it.

Cut a leaf shape out of a scrap of green felt (or really any color you like).

Sew it on as is, or embellish it with embroidered veins or blanket stitching–whatever you can think of.

Glue on a hairclip, or sew it to your sewing project or sweater.  Easy as pie.

By the way, I found these “alligator” style clips (see the little “teeth”?) stay in kids’ hair a lot longer than the other kind.  I found them at Hobby Lobby.

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Joan December 29, 2012 at 6:34 am

Love it! I have a pile of sweaters that I fulled waiting for a project.

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