Freezer Cooking Winner: Ground Beef and Sausage

by Ivory Soap

IMG_0265Of all the things I’ve frozen, this has been the most useful.  Whenever I go to the store for the “big trip” of the month, I buy LOTS of ground beef, a bag of onions, and a pile of sausage.  The first night that I cook anything, I cook all of my ground beef and onions and then I cook all of my sausage.  Bagging these in quart bags for the freezer, I’m ready for a myriad of meals the rest of the month.

How to:

1.  Peel onions and smash whole in vidalia chopper so half of each the onion slides off the grid and threatens to break the joints.

2.  Set ground beef packages in the big pot and slice at them with a knife.  Peel them out and do the icky dance when you get raw beefy juice on your finger tips.

3.  Poke at the beef ineffectively with knife before searching for the spatula, which was probably used for mudpies in the yard, to crumble beef properly.

4.  Sit down to pinterest and forget about it.  When beef is totally brown on one side while completely raw on the other, flip like a giant five-pound burger and poke at it some more.  Remember and dump in onions.

5.  Sit down again to pinterest and forget about it.  Nod in agreement when 8-yr-old asks to stir it for you.  Sweet.

6.  When done, strain in steamer because heaven knows where the colander is.

7.  Put in bowl to cool and follow same routine with sausage, minus the onions.

8.  Pick at both bowls all evening and wonder how many pounds of cooked ground beef your family ate without sitting down.

9.  Heat up frozen veggies for balance and notice that only you and hubby eat them.

10. Resolve to cook a real dinner tomorrow night, which is probably a lie.  Bag and freeze meat.

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Darlene in North GA February 15, 2013 at 6:10 pm

Lol Sounds like my house when I had kids at home.

Hey, there’s only so much you can do in one day. There may be superwomen whom SAY they do it all, but I have my doubts. And if they ARE doing it all, I’m thinking they’d be a VERY grumpy, short-tempered person. Because to get it all done, NOTHING “bad” can happen – no spills, no melt-downs, no lines in the stores, etc. One “bad thing” and the entire day’s schedule is shot. So no patience with anyone! Grew up with a mom like that and it was, shall we say – NO FUN!

So better to have a mommy that lets you eat meat out of the bowl without veggies than one that is wound so tightly she’s a screaming banshee over every little thing.
At least our kids won’t need a therapist! lol (No, I didn’t either, but then I grew up, moved away and didn’t go back!)

And in case no one told you, your mama didn’t get it all done either. She either had your grandma come help her or she and her girlfriends helped each other. I know that’s how my mom “did it all”. Nor did women of yesteryear didn’t spend all day running kids back and forth to activities, either! They had church on Sunday and Wed evening (if they went), shopping on Thur when the new ads came out and that was about it, unless they were room mothers or den leaders. Kids went to scouts and the boys may have played Little League starting at age 10. Not T-ball or soccer starting at age 3. At least, that’s how it was in the 60’s when I was a kid.

lalybelle February 16, 2013 at 10:13 am

Next time use a potato masher to crumble your meat! MUCH easier than a spatula!!!

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