Zowie! Smoothie

by Daisy

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I wanted a smoothie this morning that would give me a kickstart, so I gathered up spicy, tingly, hot, and tangy ingredients, along with a banana and yogurt to balance it all out. I also topped it off with a passionfruit, because I’m crazy for passionfruit and they’re ripe in the yard this time of year.


Micronutrient-rich, zesty, and pretty delicious, too.

Click the links if you would like to read more nutrition facts.

Osaka purple mustard greens

French sorrel–high in vitamin C (watch out if prone to kidney disorders because of high oxalic acid levels)

Spilanthes (“antiinflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, antiplatelet aggregation, antidiabetic, hypotensive, neuroprotective, cardiovascular, antiviral, anticancer and chemoprotective effects.”)




Lemon (vitamin C and alkalizing effect)


Whole Milk Yogurt

I added enough orange juice to allow the blender to blend.

It definitely packed a wallop, especially the ginger.

I had an egg on the side for protein and hopefully this will get me through the rest of the morning.

Do you like green smoothies? What are your favorite add-ins?



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Cinnamon Vogue October 24, 2015 at 8:57 am

Love passion fruit. In Sri Lanka we get a passion fruit cordial which is very nice. I had not idea passion fruits grow in the US.

Smoothies are not a favorite, especially green smoothies. Maybe as a detox after a night of heavy drinking but since I rarely drink, this is not an issue. But if I had to add anything it would Ceylon Cinnamon of course:-)

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