LHITS Gardening Step #5: DIY Mixes and Solutions

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In this step, you’ll find four things:

  • How to mix your own organic  foliar (leaf) fertilizer
  • How to mix your own organic insect repellant and insecticide
  • How to mix your own organic herbicide
  • How to mix your own anti-fungal spray

With these four types of mixes, you should be able top handle most gardening needs.

So, let’s get started!

First, what is a FOLIAR fertilizer?  

Well, the plant pull in lots of nutrients from the soil, but every few weeks, they like a little pick-me-up through the leaves.  Foliar fertilizer is meant to be absorbed through the foliage rather than the roots. And the happier and greener your plants are, the stronger they’ll be against disease and bugs.

Go check out our favorite fertilizer recipe HERE.

Insect Repellent and Insecticide

For some bugs, like squash vine borers, we’ve never found any organic solutions.  However, for most other pests, we have found the following recipes do a fine job keeping them at bay:



Homemade Herbicide

To kill of a plant entirely, use Ivory’s non-selective herbicide.  In an around other plants, I recommend using a dog collar cone to eliminate drift.

Anti Fungal Spray

Sometimes your plants will start to get fungal infections.  We find that baking soda spray helps a great deal.  Mix as much baking soda as you can get to dissolve in hot water and still go through your sprayer.

Alternatively, use this recipe for a chamomile spray, if you haven’t yet put enough yard plants through your blender to suit you.


And don’t forget to:

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