Quick Dry Dishcloth

This is my new favorite dishcloth. It works up quickly. It’s pretty. And, it dries fast, so no stinkification.

Quick Dry Dishcloth
(If you’re familiar with pattern stitches, just do the Lacy V’s three times and border.)

H needle, WW cotton

Ch 29

Row1: Dc in fifth ch from hook, *skip next 2 chs, (dc, ch1, dc) in next ch; repeat from * across

Row 2: Ch3, turn; 2 dc in first ch-1 sp, 3 dc in each ch-sp across

Row 3: Ch1, turn; sc in first 2 dc, *ch3, skip next 2 dc, sc in next dc; repeat from * across, sc in last sc

Row 4: Ch1, turn; sc in first sc, ch 3 (sc in next ch-3 sp, ch 3) across, skip next sc, sc in last sc

Row 5: Ch4, turn; dc in first ch-3 sp, (dc, ch1, dc) in each ch-3 sp across.

Repeat Rows 2-5 twice. Do not fasten off

Single crochet around evenly, twice.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

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  1. Neat dishcloth. What kind of yarn is that exactly? What does the ‘WW’ part mean?

  2. you made a typo by the way: you said that you used an H needle. You must be thinking about knitting, because it’s supposed to be a hook!

  3. this is my new favorite dishcloth pattern! Thank you so much.

    and, anonymous crocheter–my mom always called her crochet hooks crochet needles. I dunno.

    I used cotton thread for my dishcloths & they came out nice. Just an alternative for someone who would be wondering if it would work.

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi,
    I am wondering if I were to use a different type of yarn, such as hemp, if I could sell these or would I be infringing on a copyright?

  5. Thanks so much. I was looking for a pattern to use with the hemp. I make cloths and sell them at the food coops in my area.

  6. I have been trying and tearing this pattern several times with no success but I don’t want to give up.
    Two questions: in the beginning, is the chain on the hook considered as one when told to dc in the fifth ch from hook?
    My piece is getting bigger and bigger and won’t end up square….can’t figure out why. I think I’m reading the instructions properly.
    How many Srs should I be working with? I seem to be increasing all along.
    Thanks for the help…..I need it!

  7. Peg, I don’t know if you received answer to your questions, but I thought I leave a comment because first I had the same issue. Maybe this helps others, too.
    In Row 2 when they say “3 dc in each ch-sp across” they actually mean each Ch 1 space NOT all of the spaces. So basically every second space you do 3 dc.