Homemade Liquid Soap

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**I have toyed with taking this recipe off the site.  It is problematic.  Originally, I thought I had used KOH, but I was mistaken.  Since I thought I was using KOH, I used way too much lye(3.375 oz), but the dilution process seemed to eliminate that.  I use this recipe all the time in various incarnations and have learned the following:  1) stick blenders make a marshmallow goo that is totally unusable.  Don’t go there.  2) This is really a glorified version of melting the old bar of soap in water, it just skips the grating since the soap is so new and still relatively soft.  3) I like the 3.375oz NaOH version better because it doesn’t make the marshmallow goo if I use a stick blender to break up the chunks.

Ivory’s Liquid Soap

2.5 oz NaOH (or 3.375 if you don’t think Ivory is crazy)
8 oz water
5 oz coconut oil
1 oz castor oil
11 oz vegetable shortening

1. Warm your oils until liquefied and sprinkle the lye into your water.

2. When they’re cool enough to touch, slowly pour lye water into fats.

3. Blend.

4. Stop when you a drip stays visible on the surface for a few seconds.

5. Pour into a jar or other non-reactive container.

6. Insulate and allow to rest for 24 hours.

7. Find a BIG bowl. Dilute soap with water, slowly stirring to get the consistency you want. I add a few cups at a time and then let it rest. It thickens.

8. Stir in 3-4 Tbsp essential oils. I used lavender and tea tree oil to make it antibacterial.

9. Funnel into your containers.

I got nearly a gallon of soap out of this recipe. WOW! VERY economical. The most bang for your buck I’ve seen.

We use it for everything, but coconut oil is notoriously drying so be careful with your hair. I’ve been using it and it has a serious SQUEAK when rinsed.  So, if you have hair that breaks easily, be careful. Also, this is a BUBBLY soap, so no dishwashers or washing machines unless you want a foam flood.


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