First Blood

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Squash Borer Moth

Squash Vine Borer Moth

Oh, it’s ON. The squash bug and borer wars are heating up. In addition to having my pumpkin vines invaded by borers, I have suffered an actual SBRI (Squash Bug Related Injury). Don’t scroll down below the photo of the squash bug eggs if you can’t stand the sight of blood. I was smushing squash bug eggs with the back of my thumb and my hand slipped and I sliced myself on the edge of the raised bed. If you’ve never smushed squash bug eggs, it is very rewarding (except for the occasional accident).

I am recovering nicely but I don’t know if I can say the same for the pumpkins. Time will tell. I have been gleefully smushing borer larvae as well, but I know I haven’t gotten them all. And I know I’ve surely missed a few of these squash bug eggs, too.


Ivory and I have discussed this at length and we are agreed: We despise squash bugs–they are ugly and their larvae are uglier still. BUT, we FEAR squash borers. They are sneaky and hugely destructive and harder to kill.

Okay, squeamish people, blood warning again. Look away.


Okay, it’s only a scratch. But, now, it’s personal.


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