Grain-Free Burger Buns

Thank you, Jesus, I found the macro button before we ate them all.  Like last post, the rest of these picks are terrible, but I’m second trimester and am totally not making these buns again today.  Forgive?  Thanks.

Grain-Free Hamburger Buns

(4 buns, 7 carbs each)

1.  Preheat oven (I use my toaster over) to 350.

2.  Grind raw almonds in your coffee grinder until you have 1.5 cups of flour.  Some of it should have to be dug from the bottom of your grinder with your finger or it’s not fine enough.

3.  Separate two eggs and add the yolks to the flour with 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp salt, and 1T honey.

3.  Beat the snot out of the whites.  I’ve never gotten peaks to form, but fluffy helps the rising.  Fold those in and add enough water or more flour to make it a muffin batter consistency.

4.  Make bun sized forms out of foil and butter them.  I squish it around my tuna drainer. (Which, incidentally, is the most useful thing in my kitchen.  I rarely use it for tuna.)

5.  Fill forms and bake for 10 minutes.  Check and rotate if using a toaster oven.  Mine usually need five more minutes to get golden brown.

6.  Remove from toaster and cool a second.  Slowly peel out of foil and cool completely.

7.  Slice and enjoy!


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  1. These and those last pancakes look so good. I had no idea what you could make from almond flour!

    (And congrats on the little one – yay!)

  2. Congratulations…and you are my hero, Ivory! Baking low-carb is a pain the hinder parts so THANK YOU. (I had no idea there was such a thing as a tuna drainer. Don’t most people just leave the lid on after they open the can and hold it upside-down over the sink?!)

  3. The bun looks great, but what is that between the buns? It looks awsome too!! Recipe please. :)

  4. These buns look so much better than the store-bought cardboard hockey pucks that pass for gluten-free buns, and cost an arm & a leg. Can’t wait to try them, and the pancakes, too. Gotta look for that tuna drainer…or come up with something similar.
    Thanks for this great little newsletter!!

  5. This is great ! ! I give you a Gold Star for the Bun and for the carrot sticks , instead of french fries. I have a tuna drainer too and use it for all kinds of jobs in the kitchen. Mine was from an elementary school fund raiser catalog last year, but I’d betcha some specialty cooking store would have these. It makes an excellent yogurt strainer for small batches of greek yogurt.

  6. Just wanted to share how much my hubby loved these! He has talked about them ever since I finally got around to making them for him a couple of weeks ago, and thinks we should have them on hand all the time. We made a double batch and after the burgers were gone used them as toast, bagels, english muffins…next I think we’ll use them as the biscuits in biscuits and gravy. Rockin’ recipe!!!

  7. I can’t eat nuts but I’m going to try coconut flour and see what happens. If that doesn’t work I’ll try sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Wish me luck!

  8. I bake gluten-free all of the time but have rarely used almond flour. I would love to hear what others use for this. I make hamburger buns already and do them two ways. One is in a 2 cup clear glass pyrex dish, and the other is in one of the Wilton cookie on a stick pans. They have 4 round indentations in the pan with a little spot where you put the stick. Obviously you don’t need the stick part, but they are a perfect size and shape for a little bun.

  9. Wow peops – you gotta give in to the almond flour. I’ve just recently read Wheat Belly and begun my best attempts at cooking alternatives to everything with flour. Almond flour is DA BOMB! Muffins, breads, cookies, wraps, buns, and I’m sure so much more that I’ve never even thought of. Gonna try these buns today. Thanks Ivory.

  10. Ivory, i attempted to make these buns, they didn’t turn out anything like the pic looks…at all….i’m not sure what i did wrong. I followed the directions exactly, except…i used the store bought Almond Flour instead of grinding my own almonds….is that the problem you think? ….help me figure this out please…

  11. Can you explain your methods and ingredients more thoroughly? Can you also answer Deborah’s initial question? Thank you!

  12. Whit–Daisy here, filling in for the again-expecting Deanna. I would guess that Deborah was on to something, that is, I would try it with home-ground almonds instead of the almond flour before trying anything else. As for method, I don’t think Deanna is going to be remaking this post anytime soon, but I will put it on her radar for a revisit in the future. Thanks!

  13. I was totally skeptical when these came out of the oven because mine look nothing like the picture (crumbly looking on top instead of smooth) and I was just going to throw them away, but then I took a bite of one and they were awesome! I would love to know how you get the top of your buns smooth and “bun-like”.

  14. Made this recipe yesterday using Honeyville almond flour and baking in conventional oven. My whites did form peaks – followed the directions other than listed differences. My buns looked nothing like yours and they looked more like a biscuit and tasted like one too! My husband toasted them and served them up with an egg breakfast this morning and they were delicious! Still am looking for a great burger bun recipe and would love any input you can give.