Andalutheean Knitted Dishcloth

The latest in my so-easy-you-can-knit-with-swarming-kids dish/washcloth series.  If you can knit and purl, you can knit this hanging upside down from the monkey bars.

The name . . . I have friends who speak Castilian Spanish and I love the way they pronounce some of their “s” sounds.  LOVE IT.  I could listen to them talk all day even though I don’t know what they’re saying.  So Andalutheea is sort of how it sounds to me when they pronounce Andalusia, which happens to be the name of this stitch.

Yarn:  Sugar ‘n Cream from Lily

Color: Denim

Needles:  Size 6 or 7, whichever you prefer

Cast on 28 sts.

Rows 1-3:  Knit all.

Row 4: Knit.

Row 5: K 2, P to last 2 sts, K2.

Row 6: K2, *K1, P1, rep from * to last two sts, K2

Row 7: K2, P to last 2 sts, K2.

Repeat rows 4-7, ten times.

Knit all for three rows.

Cast off.

Cut yarn and weave in ends with tapestry needle.




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  1. thanks i wanted to start this immediately. just wanted to ask, what ply wool?

  2. Thank you so much for yet another beautiful and stress free pattern!! SD Miracle

  3. This caught my eye not only because I love to knit washcloths and give them as gifts (with a nice artisan soap tucked inside) but also because I spent my junior year of college in Spain. Oh, how I miss Spain and yes, I’m in agreement regarding the pronunciation of Castilian Spanish. So lovely.

    This pattern will make nice stocking stuffers for Christmas. Thanks!

  4. I have been out of the knitting game for so long (since I got pregnant and knitting made me seasick/carsick while not on the sea or car). I found a link through so I came over to find out what she was planning on making and now I am going to add it to my list. I have some of the yarn upstairs and I am going to try to make one of these this week while my son is in preschool. I always did the same pattern on dishclothes so I can’t wait to try something new 🙂 THANKS!!!

  5. Alison P–Seriously? You are the only other person I’ve heard of (besides myself) who got sick from knitting while pregnant! I couldn’t even look at sweaters. What is that???

  6. I have to thank you for this wonderful dishcloth pattern!! A friend turned me on to a pattern for an all knitted dishtowel and this will be its companion dishcloth. Have already made three of each in preparation for Christmas gifts. Thank you again! Cheers to you 🙂

  7. In your last statement you said to knit all for 3 rows. Do you mean to begin with row 1 and repeat all rows for 3 times? Sorry, but I am confused as to what you are saying. The cloth is lovely. Thanks,

  8. Judy Blake–Just knit for three rows. Hope that clears it up. Let me know if it’s still confusing.

  9. Hi, there. New knitter here. I am trying to undertake some more challenging projects than just standard knit washcloths, and I found (AND LOVE!!!) your patterns. However, I may have made a mistake on the lovely Andalutheean. I casted-on (is that a thing?) 32 stitches rather than the 28 your pattern listed. My reasoning was that it would be bigger and would provide more practice. Duh, it only just occurred to me that this most likely messes up the pattern. Is that a correct assumption? Did I just totally ruin it? I’m sorry for being a little dense about this… I’m trying to learn without any more instruction than what I am finding online. Would appreciate any help you could offer.


  10. Ely–Hi! The easiest way to add on without complications is to add the extra stitches to the borders. Since you cast on 4 extra stitches, add two stitches to each side of the border and continue to work the pattern stitch in the middle as written. Hope this helps!

  11. Looks like I am pulling an all-nighter with your delightfully addicting dishcloth patterns! Thank you for sharing : )