Crocheted Washcloths: Snapdragon

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This is the first washcloth in a series of three…or more depending on how much I can make hubby watch Miss Marple over the next few weeks. I would like to draw your attention to the almost good photo above. I was trying to get all fancy pants and make a pretty pic like TL does. Um, lets chronicle why I shouldn’t ever try that again…

1) Montage. All three cloths for the series. You can’t see the cables on the right one and the back one got soy milk all over it just before picture time. So, I wet it to disguise that, and oh, the flash was all wonky.

2) Psychedelic pansies. I think the washcloth is upside down or something, cause I can’t look at this pic without turning my head to the side like a confused terrier. And how come it’s so DARK in my yard? I have NO TREES. I think the reflective cotton is getting me here. It’s GLOWING. And why aren’t any of my pretty pansies looking at me? It’s like taking pictures of my children

3. Rosemary Jail.

4. Self-portrait.

Snapdragon Washcloth Pattern
(Ivory will never be a photographer)

Worsted weight cotton. F-needle.

Ch 37.

Row 1: Dc in 5th ch from hook *skip 3 chs, 5 dc in next ch, skip next 3 chs, (dc, ch1, dc) in next ch* 4 times

In English… dc…fan…”V”…fan…”V”…fan…”V”…fan…”V”

Row 2: Ch 3, turn; 2 dc in next ch-1 sp, skip next 3 dc, (dc, ch 1, dc) in next dc *5 dc in next ch-1 sp, skip next 3 dc, (dc, ch 1, dc) in next dc; repeat from *3 times; 3 dc in last sp.

Mini fan with three prongs, “V”, fan, “V”, fan, “V”, fan, “V”, mini fan

Row 3: Ch 4, turn; dc in first dc, *5 dc in next ch-1, skip next 3 dc, (dc, ch 1, dc) in next dc*4 times

Repeat Row 2 & 3 five more times (I did Row 2 one more time to get the length I wanted)

Single crochet evenly around the edges. When crossing the scallops along the top, put a sl st in at the cusp of each scallop instead of a sc.

Double crochet evenly around. Fasten off.



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